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Do you want to learn "How" to save a life?
Are you thinking about taking a class because your employer requires it?

*Statistics show that if you ever have to use CPR or First Aid, it will probably be on your own family member?


Our live classes will make you confident that YOU can save a life!!!
Instead of learning statistics and watching hours or boring, poorly acted video scenarios, you will learn how to save a life with "Reality Based Scenarios" that you will participate in.
I promise you won't be bored
and will love our classes!

Don't have the time for a live class? We also have online and blended classes.

So learn from the best and feel confident YOU CAN save a life!

By the way... It's never too soon to learn CPR

Want to have all the students in your school learn "Hands only" CPR/AED and chocking protocols?

We offer a short 2 hour class at your school where your students will learn and practice "Hands only" CPR and chocking protocols. Although this is not a certification class, they will receive a Certificate of Completion and best of all they will know

"How to save a life!"


About WestCPR LLC

"WestCPR LLC evolved after the passing of my mentor Richard Perse II in 2021. I wanted to carry on his legacy of powerful "hands on, reality based" training that he spent over 30 years developing."  Lloyd West

We are a "woman owned, small business."

Our Director of Training and Head Instructor Lloyd West has been training students in CPR/AED/First Aid and Safety classes since 1989.

He has been certified in, and  trained all the CPR/First Aid/AED disciplines including AHA American Heart Association, HSI Medic First Aid, Red Cross, (ATEM) American Trauma Event Management , and a combination of all the best parts of each of these fine agencies with Heartsmart, Inc.

Starting his medic training career on the beautiful island of Oahu Hawaii, Lloyd was the Training Director with ZEE Medical Inc. Hawaii.

Traveling all the islands of Hawaii he has trained hundreds of corporate employees from all industries as well as hundreds of medical professionals, teachers, and over 500 members of our military from all branches of service.

As a lead instructor with Heartsmart for over 5 years, Lloyd developed a reputation as one  of the most requested and popular trainers in the company by utilizing  humor,  professional demeaner, and by associating real life emergency scenarios. You won't be board in his classes!

Our training programs are recognized, accepted, and approved by meeting the minimum requirements of over 4,000 state regulatory agencies, occupational licensing boards, national associations, commissions and councils in more than 100 occupations and professions.

Lloyd has trained  all industries, and all types of students including medical professionals, first responders,  police, teachers, daycare providers, utility workers, tradesmen, business executives, transportation personnel, security personnel, military personnel, and just about any profession you can think about.

We train school districts, private and public schools, pre-schools and daycare centers, (exceeding all state requirements) with CPR/AED/Pediatric First aid as well as Adult First Aid, BLS, Standard Precautions, Kids watch (Babysitters training class). Active Shooter, and Tactical Combat Casualty Care training (TCCC), Stop the bleed.

Lloyd is a reality based instructor who combines real life examples with a relaxed fun environment.

We don't require hours of boring, never ending videos, instead we prefer a hands on approach that relies on real life situations and scenarios to learn.

Our goal is you leaving being confident that you can save a life!

Carol West - President/Owner

Would you know what to do?

Contact me today to set up your

CPR/AED/First Aid training class

Don't panic!

The life you save may be

your family members

Knowing what to do in an emergency can make the difference between life and death! 

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CPR/AED                                                                             2-1/2hr class

CPR/AED/Adult First Aid                                           5hr class

CPR/AED/Pediatric & Adult First Aid                5-1/2hr class 

Student "Hands only" CPR large group class 2hr class

For schools. NOT a certification class. Covers Hands only CPR, Choking, and AED use.

Students receive CPR/AED Manual and a "Certification of completion" only

Adult First Aid                                                                  2hr class

Pediatric & Adult First Aid                                       3hr class

Basic Life Support (BLS) 6hr class

Kids Watch (Babysitting)                                          5hr class

Bloodborne Pathogens                                               2-1/2hr class  

Online CPR/AED blended training                     1hr (classroom) Skills

Watch video, download and read manual, take test, then attend a one hour skills review at your facility.

Online First Aid and Pediatric First Aid

Watch video, download and read manual, take a test and your 2yr First Aid Certification card will be mailed to you.

Bloodborne Pathogens Online

Watch video, download or read manual, take test, then 1yr BBP Certification instantly be emailed

Bloodborne Pathogens for Tattoo Artists & Piercers On-line

Download or read PowerPoint , take test, then 1yr BBP Certification instantly be emailed

 All Classes receive a 2yr Certification unless otherwise noted.