ARCH AED Medical Direction program

We do have many features to our Arch Medical Direction and Oversight program.

It can be a subscription of a 1,3, or 5 years.

The retail Price of our program is only

$149.99/AED for 1 year

$399.99/AED for 3 year

$599.99/AED for 5 year

Have Multiple AEDs? Contact me for volume discounted pricing .

 First please note a few of the different aspects of the Arch program that we have:

  1. · Automated External Defibrillator Program Management and Medical Direction for compliance with local and state laws

  2. · AED prescription and medical direction from a team of state-specific physicians

  3. · Written policy and procedures and registration with your local 911 call center and local EMS when required

  4. · Monthly AED check reminders with late alerts

  5. · Email reminders of upcoming expiration dates on AED batteries and electrode pads

  6. · Easily re-order electrode pads and batteries through the online dashboard, making AED maintenance easy and hassle-free

  7. · Online tracking of trained responders, including certification status and expiration dates

  8. · Post-event data download and review by a physician should the AED be used in a resuscitation attempt

    • Provides a loaner AED shipped to the location via UPS next day delivery

    • Prepaid shipping label to ship us the used AED

    • We download the data from your AED and return it to you

    • Final summation report about the event, reviewed by a physician



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